If Laura ruled the world...

If Laura ruled the world, everything would be in the cloud.

I’m in a cranky mood today, so I’m afraid if I go with a controversial, heated subject, things could get ugly, so I’m going with something light and fluffy. Ergo, cloud.


The cloud is great because:

  • it enables one to purchase gadgets with less space - hello 16 GB iPad, goodbye 64 GB iPad! - and saving money is always a plus; 
  • it is a secondary place where your data resides - hello to backing things up, which is so incredibly important in today’s computer-driven world; 
  • it can be really secure - hello, Dropbox! - which is better and more convenient than e-mail;
  • it enables you to access what you want, when you want it, and from wherever you desire.

My issue is that more things need to be available in the cloud than what currently are, and they need to be free of any additional charges.  Where are the shows I DVR’d on my FiOS HD STB?  Not in the cloud, but they should be.  Where are the movies and other on demand novelties from the premium channels that we already pay for in our monthly FiOS bill?  Not in the cloud, but they should be.  Yes, I could get a Slingbox - goodbye, $330! - and I can access limited FiOS “on demand” titles for an average of $4.99 a pop - but things I already pay for should be available in the cloud for me at no extra cost.

I know, patience.  These things will come.  At least ABCplayer, Netflix, and the NCAA app are all rarin’ to go, and I can access and edit my important documents from work, home, and iPad simultaneously, in my sleep, while sipping a coke, and playing Angry Birds. 



If Laura ruled the world, Apple operating systems would be the norm in ‘the workplace’.

I acknowledge that this absolutely is the case in certain industries, but it does not prove to be the case in the ‘business’ world.  On a side note, imagine my utter disgust and bubbling internal rage, just at the thought of the pretentious, smug suits - the #1 stereotype of Microsoft users - who whip out their Dell laptops and talk loudly on their Blackberries in any number of public places where their self-importance takes over and they simply cannot help themselves.  (More on ‘business-people’ later.)

Seriously, I hate Microsoft Windows, I hate Microsoft Office, I even hate the cheap plastic casing that, in a vast majority of the laptops purchased for employee use in ‘the workplace’, comes standard on the laptops which run it. 

One of these days, I’m going to go all Office Space on it.

Let’s be clear on something. In ‘Laura’s world’, Microsoft could simply continue to be used by those with inferior computer needs, so as to provide for healthy competition in the market.

Apple = Winning, duh!

(Written while waiting for Excel to load.)

Pi Day

If Laura ruled the world, everyone would have enjoyed a slice of pie after dinner to commemorate ‘Pi Day’ yesterday, March 14, 2011.  This would also apply to every ‘Pi Day’ in the years to come.

This particular thought inspired me to blog.  I can’t wait to post about all things which could be made better if only it were up to ME!

Check out my favorite little irrational number and help yourself to a slice. http://www.piday.org/million.php